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Heise Online – and so it begins…and ends. VeriSign ends innovation and cooperation on the Internet.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Heise Online revealed that our worst dreams are true.  Seems DoC wants to institutionalize VeriSign as king of the only hope for a global security resource by installing it as DNSSEC root signer.  Sheesh! It already has the SSL market and $1B/yr in revenues from .com and .net.   So I guess now both DNS and SSL security fail at a single point.  At least that makes them easy to sue.  Of course what will save us are the alternate DNSSEC signed roots that will be propped up by other countries and entities.  Russia would like that as would anyone else who doesnt believe in a single point of failure and would like free SSL certificates (ala Kaminsky).  Strange – on the one hand DoC says it wants transparency…then on the other surprises like this show they have kept the public out of the one thing that might actually solve the spam problem.–/news/meldung/137429