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Re: DNSSEC. The ‘Net has spoken: IANA should sign the root

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

With the NTIA NOI on signing the root over, the clear winner is IANA to sign the root.  From security, transparency, and avoidance of conflict of interest – it makes sense for ICANN to sign the root as part of the IANA function.  Clean and simple.  If the final decision ignores the Internet community and selects anyone else, we WILL know that some back room deal was made with VeriSign and that this NTIA-VeriSign-ICANN cabal cannot be trusted.  This would jeopardize both the US government’s and ICANN’s role in the management of the Internet as it would encourage the deployment of alternate signed roots.  All for the sake of preserving a minor marketing position for VeriSign – the company that controls the lion’s share of the domain name market – .com.