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Is ICANN’s gtld process creating another WIPO?

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Transparency is good but is ICANN’s suggestion of a Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP) just the result of lawyers trying to offload the real work and liability into the creation of another entity with another layer of bureaucracy and uncapped costs to the prospective TLD applicant? It is the liability and hard work that keeps ICANN honest.  I know they are evil but why not keep it simple and use WIPO (with tightly circumscribed scope and timeframes) as the yes/no on a new TLD?  Sometimes the devil you know is better than creating a whole new set of unknowns.  I would also suspect that unfortunately, a DRSP would still have some allegiance to its accreditor (ICANN) and therefore its decision could not be considered a completely independent one.

Re: “DNSSEC Is Dead, Stick a Fork in It” – Make DNSSEC optional

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Make it optional and do no harm.
People can choose any one of the demo dnssec signed root servers out there and go from there.
All someone has to do is to release a drop in DNS resolver replacement for Windows (with some pretty lights) and then we can see if anyone (or application writer) really cares about dnssec or not.